O&O Depot Galerie Berlin

Leibnizstrasse 60, 10629 Berlin Map
by appointment

"In the course of our work since the late 1960s as Haus-Rucker-Co and then, finally, from 1992 as Ortner&Ortner a personal art history, accompanied by large numbers of images, models and other materials, has developed that is in need of space. There are over 1000 graphic works from the Haus-Rucker-Co period and at least the same amount from the O&O period up to the present day. These are all things worth seeing. We therefore intend to show them and to offer a number of them for sale. That is the reason for the Depot.

But we also want to make the Depot into a kind of laboratory in which we can continue to examine the nature of the material out of which the art of building can be produced. Without anticipating the exhibitions and events it can already be said that our theme will be juxtaposing the everyday and familiar with the difficult and puzzling that emerges directly beside it. This is the material which should be traced anew, time and time again. It is the material from which good pictures, good films, and great novels are made. And these are the same mechanisms that, from childhood, have always drawn us to the same stories, the same images, the same places and the same formulations. As if constantly following what is always the same were some kind of plan for moving ahead that has been implanted in us. That this does not agree with the established rules of modernism that call for the constant invention of something of particular interest to us."