Kunstverein Bielefeld

Welle 61, 33602 Bielefeld Map
Thu–Sun 12 am–6 pm

The Kunstverein Bielefeld was founded in 1929 with the purpose of supporting art and encourage its dissemination. The work of the Kunstverein relies on the active civic commitment of its members, which now number almost one nine hundred. Our program focuses on art’s critical force, and consciously relates to current discourses. In addition to solo exhibitions, thematic presentations play a central role, organized in cooperation with international and regional partners. Our goal is to turn the Kunstverein into a location for contemporary aesthetic experiment, creating a space where art can reflect on the challenges and changing conditions of our shared lives. Against this backdrop, we invite the public to discover the work of young international artists, to discuss images of contemporary society, and to continually reassess the ideas of contemporary art.