NOTE - Galeria de Arquitectura Lissabon

Tv. da Cara 32, 1200006 Lissabon Map
Mon–Sat 3–8 pm

Founded in 2010 by the architect and curator Bárbara Silva, NOTE is an independent cultural organization dedicated to the dissemination, discussion and debate of architecture through a program of exhibitions, events, talks, debates and publications.

NOTE - Galeria de Arquitectura
In 2017 NOTE opened the first Architecture Gallery in Lisbon. A space that works as a curatorial platform, which explores the development and exchange of ideas about the thought and practice of architecture and its relations with art, culture and society.
The aim is to approach architecture and society, promoting dialogues and empathies for the elaboration of critical thinking about the importance of architecture in the construction of the dynamics of cities and their inhabitants.

NOTE - Editions
NOTE has also been publishing catalogs that complement the exhibitions, as well as books like "Modern Masterpieces Revisited, Luís Santiago Baptista" "Homeland , News from Portugal - Archive 2014 " (on the Portuguese representation at the Biennale di Venezia 2014) and "PROAP: Landscape Architecture" (about the work by landscape architects PROAP).