Museum Insel Hombroich

Minkel 2, 41472 Neuss Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–7 pm

The Insel Hombroich Museum was founded by the art collector Karl-Heinrich Müller (1936 – 2007) in 1987. In creating this unique ensemble of art, architecture and landscape, he was true to the tenet of the Impressionist Paul Cézanne – ‘art in parallel to nature’.

Karl-Heinrich Müller not only collected art, but maintained close contact with artists. In 1982, he had a former barn in the old park converted for Anatol Herzfeld, once a pupil of Joseph Beuys’s, and the sculptor has been working there almost daily since. Both, the sculptor Erwin Heerich (1922 – 2004) and the painter Gotthard Graubner (1930 – 2013), had studios in the Museum grounds.

Museum Insel Hombroich is a special place, away from the bustle of daily routine and fashionable trends. It is an invitation to enter into the adventure of a direct encounter with art and nature. The Museum dispenses with signposts altogether – visitors are free to find their own way in the extensive parkland and make their own discoveries of art and nature alike. This freedom of the spirit is at the heart of the Museum’s particular charm. A day at Museum Insel Hombroich wakens the senses.

The Rosa Haus, the old villa, is home to the Literatur – und Kunstinstitut Hombroich established by the collector Dr. Volker Kahmen.