Museum Jorn Silkeborg

Gudenåvej 7-9, Silkeborg DK 8600 Map
Saturday-Sunday 10 am-5 am pm Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday 11 am-5 am pm Thursday 11 am-9 am pm

Museum Jorn holds the collections that were developed by Asger Jorn from the early 1950s until his death in 1973, since when they have doubled in extent. Jorn’s generous gift is one of the two largest donations of art ever made in Denmark. In consequence, the museum is not only home to the most comprehensive collection of Jorn’s own works but also holds thousands of paintings, sculptures and works on paper by other artists – members of Cobra and older international artists who inspired Jorn or were kindred artistic spirits including, among others, Max Ernst, Francis Picabia, Fernand Leger and Man Ray.

Jorn’s vision was to document surrealism and the development of spontaneous- abstract art in Europe. Moreover, he wanted to secure public access to the collection. With his generous gift Jorn placed Silkeborg firmly on the map of the international art world.

In 1982 Museum Jorn moved, under the name of Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, into its present building. Following minor refurbishment works and a change of name the museum reopened in 2010 as Museum Jorn, Silkeborg.