Apr 15–May 27, 2023

Atelier Pierre Thibault

Territories and paysages
11 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris
Tue–Sat 11 am-7 pm

Created in 1988 and composed of a dozen architects, Atelier Pierre Thibault pursues a continuous dialogue with Quebec, its landscapes, its seasons, and its vernacular architecture, to create projects that are deeply anchored in their natural and cultural environments. Strongly influenced by the places surrounding it, the Atelier’s sensitive, empirical, and intuitive approach sets it apart on the national and international scenes. This intertwined and poetic world of places, images, and typologies comes out in the exhibition, which literally and figuratively immerses visitors in the architectural imagination of Quebec and its constituent territories.

Staged as an archipelago of island-territories, the exhibition uses Atelier Pierre Thibault’s distinctive productions to examine an architecture project’s relations with its location and its cultural and natural settings. The resulting architectural constellation outlines the essence of the Atelier’s work, which has combined constancy with a capacity for renewal for more than 30 years. Centered round the firm’s favorite media—models and sketches—the exhibition aims to establish bridges between different architectural and landscaping approaches, and to stimulate lasting and edifying exchanges between architects, the territories they build, and the public.