Nov 23, 2022–Jan 13, 2023


In the presence of Yann Tonnar
1, rue de la Tour Jacob, Luxembourg 1831 Map
Tue-Fri 12 am-6 pm, Sat 2-6 pm

For more than a year, Yann Tonnar traveled and photographed the outskirts of Luxembourg, his hometown. He has thus documented situations on the fringes of the city, where urbanization is fading away, where nature and time assert their rights and where even civilization sometimes crumbles.

Stadtrand paints a sensitive portrait of these places on which the city extends and redefines itself, giving rise to a superposition of uses and infrastructures in space and time. The result of this work bears witness to a sharp look at this environment where buildings and nature, construction and deconstruction, order and chaos meet.

The documentation produced raises many questions about the future of these places, the uncertain future, and the issues raised by the development of the city and the territory in a context of continuous demographic and economic growth such as that experienced by Luxembourg today. today. This exhibition and its framework program will open up reflection on this fringe which, with its particularities specific to Luxembourg, is representative of the way in which the territories around growing cities are developing.