Apr 9–May 28, 2022

by Fosbury architecture

Weyringergasse 27/i, 01040 Wien Map
Sat 3–6 pm

Starting as a research for alternative models of interiors that could serve as an antidote to the commodification of the domestic, “Environments of Resistance for Social Individuals” is an ongoing project that began in 2017. It investigates those spaces, in-between architecture and furniture, designed to accommodate idiosyncratic characters.

Questioning the idea that the home has become a dormitory to be barely furnished with standard IKEA pieces or, on the contrary, a museum of the self equipped to be broadcasted on social media, the project aims to reappropriate that scale by designing for fictional characters of the near future. Once most domestic actions (eating, playing, shopping, etc.) can be outsourced, interior design can be tailored around domestic rituals, freed from functionalism.

The installation is conceived as an interior in 1:1, composed of a series of volumes that interpret the most conventional domestic habits –such as sleeping, gathering, relaxing, etc.– These volumes serve as exhibiting support as well as a physical materialization of a peculiar way to perform the aforementioned actions.

The installation is conceived as a mono-material interior clad in carpet, assumed as the epitome of comfort and domesticity. One unique immersive environment will enable a wide range of informal occupations in the exhibiting space. The exhibited pieces are a series of short films, each representing the story of a fictional character.