Off-site (but not off-ground)

148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris Map
Mon–Fri 2–6 pm

Off-site construction, an extension of the history of prefabrication, has accompanied some of the great building adventures of the industrial era, from the conquest of the American West to post-war reconstruction. Although its roots are even deeper, almost as old as architecture itself, off-site construction is now opening up optimistic prospects in response to the major challenges of our time: the ecological emergency, the digital transition, the housing crisis, changes in the world of work... and the imperative need for architectural quality.

The "Off-site but not Off-Ground" exhibition takes a retrospective look at the depths of a history made up of prototypes and daring architectural experiments, as well as, on the contrary, mass-produced and rationalised industrial processes. Looking to the future, it also examines the relevance of off-site production in contemporary times, as well as its new frontiers: digital innovation, robotisation, 3D printing, etc.

Delving into the heritage of off-site construction, the exhibition explores the ways in which prefabricated elements can be used to create architecture that responds to the challenges of a given context. Placed at the centre of a project process in its own right, where companies, manufacturers, clients and designers come together, the architect is invited to make the lexicon of off-site construction his own, and to tame its immense potential.

Opening and inaugural conference "Off-site but not Off-ground"

With the participation of :
– Franck Boutté – engineer, founder of Franck Boutté Consultant and Grand Prix de l’urbanisme 2022
– Linda Gilardone – architect, LA Architectures
– Antoine Picon – DPLG architect and doctor of history
Hosted by Hugo Christy, journalist