Well Built

Designing for Health and Wellbeing ​in Architecture
108 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W8 4RT Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–7 pm

This November, the Museum of Architecture is launching Well Built: Designing for Health and Wellbeing in Architecture. The exhibition traces new ways of thinking about health and wellbeing beyond the design of traditional therapeutic environments towards a more integrated approach that includes everyday spaces. The exhibition is divided into five different sections, each of which examines a specific building typology – hospitals and health centres, housing, workplaces, schools and public spaces. Demonstrating the enduring historical relationship between health and the city, Well Built points to the urgent need in reshaping our assumptions about health, place and space.

Today, as in the past, architects, urban designers, landscape architects and designers have the ability to actively influence our health and wellbeing, with our homes, workspaces and urban areas increasingly being designed to allow us to make better lifestyle choices. Well Built takes this knowledge further by showcasing the growing connections between the traditional public health domain and the built environment. The exhibition starts from hospitals as historic health spaces and continues to workplace, education, housing and public space. Projects included in the exhibition range from floating lidos to pop-up cultural centres for the elderly, alternative healthcare spaces such as Maggie’s Centres to new co-housing schemes. Architects involved include prominent UK-based practices such as Studio Octopi, Foster and Partners, DSDHA, RCKa, The Decorators, Buckley Gray Yeoman, Architecture PLB, J&L Gibbons, Arup, 4M Group and many more.

The exhibition is sponsored by Saint-Gobain (Jewson and Ecophon) and 4M Group. Museum of Architecture is a proud partner of Brompton Design District.