Wide-Angle View

Architecture as social space in the Manplan series 1969-70
66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD
Mon–Sun 10 am–5 pm Tue 10 am–8 pm

Through the lens of the pages of the Architectural Review magazine, Wide-Angle View is an exhibition on the Manplan series, a ground-breaking exploration of architecture’s impact on society.

This exhibition of over 70 original photographs, some that have never been seen before, offers a unique insights on society in the late 1960s. The magazine was bold and innovative in its tone and style, incorporating pioneering graphic and print techniques and radical photojournalism to analyse the state of society in Britain at the turn of the decade. It initiated a new outlook and approach to architectural debate and journalism that is still relevant today.

The Wide-Angle View photography exhibition looks at Manplan and presents photography from renowned professionals such as Ian Berry, Patrick Ward and Tony Ray-Jones at our Architecture Gallery in central London which is free and open to all.