Neue Architektur in Japan

New Architecture in Japan
Steinenberg 7, 04001 Basel Map
Tue, Wed, Fri 11 am–6 pm, Thu 11 am–8:30 pm, Sat–Sun 11 am–5 pm

‘Make Do With Now’ sheds light on an emerging generation of architects and urban practitioners in Japan.

Largely entering professional practicefollowing the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear di-saster, this generation is developing a range of critical, ecological, and social approaches that creatively ‘make do’ – with limited resources, found  materials, and existing spaces – while seeking appropriate responses to the urgent problems of the present. Turning their backs on the traditional  image of the architect-author, these practitioners are articulating a new architectural agency in working from the periphery, exploiting gaps in the system, and occupying new roles in the process that have previously been overlooked. Through newly commissioned photographs, films, and a wide range of models, the exhibition provides a multifaceted portrait of this generation and suggests new understandings of what architecture can be – and do.

Participating architects:
403architecture [dajiba], CHAr, dot architects, GROUP, Masaaki Iwamoto / ICADA, Ishimura + Neichi, Kengo Satō / Korogaro Association, Lunch! Architects, Murayama + Kato Architecture / mtka, Maki Yoshimura / MYAO, Norihisa Kawashima / Nori Architects, Fuminori Nousaku Architects, Jumpei Nousaku Architects, Shun Takagi / Root A, Rui Itasaka / RUI Architects, SSK, Studio GROSS, Keigo Kawai / TAB, Chie Konno / t e c o, tomito architecture, Tsubame Architects, Mio Tsuneyama, Shigenori Uoya, VUILD, Suzuko Yamada