Oct 22–Dec 5, 2021


Views from the Field
960 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA 90013 Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm

Views from the Field documents the spatial complexity of Walter Netsch’s late 20th Century Architecture through the photographs of Orlando Cabanban. Taking inspiration from Cabanban’s photographic interest in capturing multiple subjects within each frame, the exhibition reconstructs the photographs as large 3-dimensional image-objects.

Each recomposes and transforms spaces of Netsch’s interiors into a multitude of views and illusionary spaces. The architecturally-scaled objects are designed, detailed and assembled from graphically-printed architectural materials. The exhibition extends FreelandBuck’s research and design work on the history of architectural illusion in relation to the multiplicity and hybridity of contemporary visual culture and the emergence of flat-bed printing as contemporary building technology. Through the layered interests and sensibilities of Walter Netsch, Orlando Cabanban, FreelandBuck, and gallery visitors, the exhibition highlights the ambiguity of authorship inherent in architecture and architectural photography.

FreelandBuck is a Los Angeles and New York City-based architectural office founded and led by Brennan Buck and David Freeland. Established in 2010, the office makes buildings, spaces, and objects that engage the public through layers of meaning, illusion and visual effect. With each project, FreelandBuck aims to create distinct spaces that contribute to a more stimulating, aesthetically engaging, and challenging world. The firm’s architecture and public artwork is notable for its visual richness, intricate spatial sequences, cultural reference, and application of drawing at an architectural scale.