Nov 15–Nov 21, 2017

Alles fließt - Everything flows

SPANS associates
Grunewaldstr. 79, 10823 Berlin
Wed–Fri 12 am–7 pm, Sat 12 am–5 pm

SPANS associates
“SPANS associates” is an international creative atelier based in Berlin, that specialises in the design of unique architectures and structures, combining concepts with an advanced engineering expertise, gained through a high level experience in delivering innovative, complex and world class projects. “SPANS associates” designs bridges, monuments, buildings, artworks, interiors. The practice, co founded in 2017 by French Architect-Engineer Nicolas Sterling and German Architect Elke Sterling- Presser, is composed by a multi – disciplinary and multi -cultural team of architects, designers and engineers.
“Alles fließt -  Everything flows”
At a subtle level, there is no solidity. Everything – all matter – is energy in a process of change and transformation. Everything – all state – is about connection and resonance. Our architectures are made of visible and invisible structures in permanent flow. It is essential that we rediscover the art of space, rethink the art of construction, and reconnect with the universal geometry of life. It is essential that the permanent and impermanent structures we design create sense and experience. The exhibition “Alles fließt -  Everything flows” features two highly symbolic projects in design development.

The Brommy New Footbridge in Berlin (Germany) – “The flowing Bridge”, crossing the river Spree, reconciles the former East and West Berlin and explores our deep connection with the history and our possible future into a new unique flow, symbolizing the regeneration after resistance to create a new place of reflection.
The Lambhorghini Road Monument in San Agata, (Italy) - “The Dream Gateway”, is composed by 2 monumental dual sculptures designed as a gateway to the whole Lamborghini factory site and explores the evolution of the car in time and shape, defined through the history of the brand, and does question the contemporary role of a brand as a dream catcher.
Nicolas Sterling is a French Architect DPLG – Structural Engineer. He graduated from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris as a Civil Engineer and from the School of Architecture Paris La Villette as Architect DPLG. Living previously in Paris and then in London, he gained 15 years of experience, working internationally in HDA, ARUP AGU with Cecil Balmond and AKTII as a structural engineer on high-profile architectural projects. He aims at focusing his agenda on his specific interest for material use, construction methods, structural patterns and the influence of hidden/sacred geometry on our deep human nature. It opens a more experimental agenda on the architectural and engineering design and delivery of non standard project.

Elke Sterling-Presser is a German Architect. She received a Postgraduate Master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from SAC-Städelschule Architecture Class at the Städelschule Staatliche Hochschule für Bildene Künste, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, under the tutorship of Prof.Ben Van Berkel, Prof. Johan Bettum and Prof. Mark Wigley. From 2006, she has been working as Lead Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects in London, leading high profile standard architecture. She worked for several years in architectural offices in Germany. She aims at focusing her agenda on her specific interest for  an “architecture - sensing the unseen”, working on our deep perception, together with the development of modelling techniques within an aesthetic agenda.