Mar 23–Sep 1, 2024


Designing the Future of Energy
Charles-Eames-Strasse 2, 79576 Weil am Rhein
daily 10 am–6 pm

Energy is the main driving force of our society; energy is political, energy is invisible, energy is omnipresent. All of the buildings, infrastructure and products related to the generation, distribution and utilization of energy are created by human beings. Consequently, design plays a key role in the current transition to renewable energy.

The exhibition »Transform! Designing the Future of Energy« shines a light on the transformation of the energy sector from the perspective of design: from everyday products that use renewable energy to the design of solar houses and wind power stations; from smart mobility systems to futuristic visions of self-sufficient cities. What are the criteria for designing an energy-efficient product? How can design contribute to an increase in the use of renewable energy sources? How can industry, government policies and every one of us help to achieve the transition to a sustainable future?

»Transform! Designing the Future of Energy« emphasises that the transformation of energy systems must encompass more than just the expansion of renewable energy sources. The intelligent design of everyday objects and the implementation of visionary urban designs and infrastructure are crucial. Designers and architects around the world are already contributing innovative ideas and solutions for reducing our energy consumption, changing our energy-intensive lifestyles, and participating in the process of achieving a sustainable future. The exhibition »Transform!« shows that energy is one of the greatest challenges of our time – but also one of the greatest opportunities to reshape our world.