Jul 3, 2021–Jan 9, 2022

Karl Sillaber and C4 Architekten

New Ways of Building in Tyrol and Vorarlberg (1960 – 1979)
Kornmarktplatz 1, 06900 Bregenz Map
Tue-Sun 10 am-6 pm, Thu 10 am-9 pm

The members of this group “C4 Architekten“ – Max Fohn, Helmut Pfanner, Karl Sillaber and the Tyrolian Friedrich Wengler – are considered the pioneers of the new building style. Their first project, the primary school of Nüziders (1960–63) is a key project of modern school design in Vorarlberg, which was followed by several other new school buildings (Hasenfeld/Lustenau primary school, HAK Bregenz secondary commercial school, Nenzing comprehensive school). The single and multi-family houses, office and industrial buildings as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools that were built in their common creative period from 1960 until 1979 in Tyrol and Vorarlberg are less well known. These are all important examples of modern architecture, which are shown in the first monographic exhibition on the work of the C4 architects and in the accompanying catalogue.