Floating Gardens

Im Brückenturm Rheinstraße 55, 55116 Mainz Map
Wed–Fri 2–6 pm

Microparks, sculptural pavilions and sun decks embedded in staged vegetation float down the Rhine?

As part of a structural study project, under the direction of Prof. Wolfgang Lorch, students dealt with the design research of 70 kilometers of river landscape in the Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site. However, the focus here was not on the interventions along the shore zones, but on the use of the water surface. Landscape architectural interventions along the river were explored by using discarded excursion boats, barges and jetties. The results show innovative ideas for landscape architecture and garden show design, both in terms of technology and design. In their sometimes poetic imagery, the designs inspire to break down barriers to thought at the interfaces between design and planning disciplines.

So-called barges were often used by the students as an aid. These barges, which are actually used to transport bulk goods, offer a flexible framework for considerations. The ideas presented range from “quite feasible” to “boldly visionary”. The visitors can expect a student examination of complex issues relating to the Federal Horticultural Show and its sub-areas. Ideas from the ship mill to the floating forest were developed. People should be able to experience the Rhine walking or bathing on mushrooms. The concepts could not be more diverse.