Place of Modernity
Schloßstrasse 2, 01067 Dresden Map
Tue–Sat 1–6 pm

In the context of life reform, a settlement experiment with extraordinary social and cultural reform aspirations arose north of Dresden from 1908: Hellerau. Inspired by the garden city model of the Englishman Ebenezer Howard, the settlement propagated the dawn of a new age. Hellerau countered the problems that ruthless industrialization had caused the German Empire with innovation, provocation and self-reflection. Hellerau was a place of searching and hoping, but also a place of active pragmatism. Because of its new theater and residential architecture and the pioneering housing development, it became a pilgrimage center for the artistic avant-garde of Europe. An important piece of history from the beginning of the 20th century can still be seen in Hellerau today.

In 2011, the Förderverein World Heritage Hellerau e.V. set itself the goal of placing the uniqueness of Hellerau at the center of a World Heritage application. The application process, which is currently ongoing, began in 2012. With an exhibition in the ZfBK - Center for Building Culture Saxony, the contents of the Hellerau application and the location itself are presented with a focus on the time window 1908-1914. The people of Dresden and visitors to Dresden are given the opportunity to get a first impression of the settlement and its history. The exhibition should also be an invitation to continue to discover Hellerau on site.