Nov 20, 2021–Jan 13, 2022

Making Space For Possibilities

PPAG architects
Christinenstrasse 18-19, 10119 Berlin Map
Tue-Fri 11 am–6:30 pm, Sun-Mon 1–5 pm

Space influences us and we influence space. Within the infinite ‘space of possibilities’ of architecture, PPAG architects are permanently searching for relevance and social utility, tracking down the architectural expression of the respective society, the 'necessary new' in all its complexity.

The exhibition is a plea for an unbiased, brave look at architecture and urban development. A view that sees development as a necessity, even if it surprises and irritates at first glance. Especially in view of the current global challenges, we need the courage to take alternative paths. The office's work is based on trust in the collective planning abilities; on the fact that through intensive engagement and thinking ahead, solutions can be found for a good future for all of us.

The diversity of the ‘space of possibilities’ is presented in a special way in the exhibition of PPAG architects at the Aedes Architecture Forum. The gallery space itself is transformed into a sort of space of possibilities, in which PPAG explore the spectrum of what is possible based on a wide range of projects. Plans, models, films and 1:1 objects are displayed. The projects presented push the boundaries and exhaust their realm, regardless of typology, scale, age, price range or realisation – in Ecuador, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Yakutsk, Vienna or Berlin.