Oct 14, 2021–Mar 13, 2022

Motor Action Form

Bruther Architects, Paris
7 rue Ferrère, 33000 Bordeaux Map
Tue+Thu–Sun 11 am–18, Wed 11 am–8 pm

arc en rêve architecture center presents Motor Action Form, the first exhibition dedicated to Bruther's work. Founded in Paris in 2007 by Stéphanie Bru and Alexandre Theriot, the office works in the fields of architecture, town planning and landscape, associating the project management with teaching and research work.

The exhibition presents the achievements of Bruther in their operational dimension. It helps to understand the different drivers and actors - references, experiments, materials and techniques, construction, but also users - who form their practice. To understand architecture under this broad concept of operativity is to link form to the design and construction processes which are at its basis. It is conceiving the object at the same time as the activity it will contain, since both are transformed over time.

The exhibition route revolves around a series of machines and spatial devices designed as objects of research directly related to the constructed production of architects. These experiments are the result of the office's work as well as workshops led by architects at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH).
This first reading takes the form of a series of light, material, sound, thermal experiences: variations of atmospheric effects through glass, screen, drape; explorations of objects in equilibrium, mechanical assemblies; immersions in environmental situations by pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This involves questioning the vocabulary of architects, which stands out for its understanding of the project as a practical answer to questions of use and savings.

An echo of this first tour, a series of building models, as well as films frame the exhibition space and illustrate in a more narrative way the architectural achievements of Bruther. Static structures and dynamic activities, these visual sequences offer a transcription of the materialized work, of their work.

Between the physical experience of objects and the linear reading of projects, Motor Action Form offers the decryption of a research and a work marked by performative and experimental qualities. Like a visit to a laboratory of ideas, it presents processes, materials, as well as unscheduled uses and appropriations, which occur over time.