Jan 19–Mar 2, 2024

The Tube

An Architecture Utopia by Guenther L. Eckert
Karl-Marx-Allee 96, 10243 Berlin
Tue–Fri 2–7 pm, Sat 12 am–6 pm

In the early 1980s, architect and member of the “Werkbund” Günther L. Eckert developed an architectural utopia: a huge tube spanning the globe, that would provide a living space for all of humanity. With a detailed technical design, Eckert wanted to prove that all of humanity could live in prosperity on Earth without further exploiting and destroying the planet. With the presentation of the “Tube”, the Architektur Galerie Berlin offers a space to reflect on architectures of the future. To this end, Eckert’s concept is supplemented by historical as well as present-day utopias. This expandable collection shows how structural and technical visions are at once political and social visions.

Unlike many other utopian concepts, Eckert did not plan for a place nowhere to be found or a day never to come. Rather, he developed a self-contained control loop based on the tendencies inherent in technology. It was important to him that the construction, which looked like a spaceship, could be built in the here and now with the available means and techniques.

Eckert’s ideas were not essentially aimed at the architectural-technical construct. Rather, he hoped that people could give up their “I” in favor of a “we” and agree on a project shared by all. The tube was envisioned as a possible building for such a human society determined by the “we”.

In face of the climate crisis, the ever-increasing destruction of the environment and the inhabitable parts of the earth, not only urban planning and architecture are challenged to design sustainable living spaces. What form could these take? Visitors are invited to contribute their ideas for the life and housing of tomorrow.

Curator: Michael Fehr
In cooperation with Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge, Berlin

Opening; 18.01.2024, 7 p.m.
Speakers: Ulrich Müller and Michael Fehr