24 rooms per second

when film brings the model to life
Am Weissenhof 30, 70191 Stuttgart Map
Tue–Fri 2–6 pm, Sat+Sun 12 am–6 pm

The exhibition deals with the combination of architectural model and short film. It shows how both media can interact and thus create a valuable complement to conventional architectural presentation.The narrative aspect is of great importance here.

The architekturgalerie am weißenhof will be showing four selected works by four film artists from 14.10. to 21.11.2021: "Transparent Scenario (Set for a Possible Movie)" by Karina Nimmerfall; "HausBauMaschine" by Amir Yatziv; "Construction Lines" by Max Colson and "Het wezen van de Stad" by Maurice Bogaert. All works combine model and film and each tells a story. Their common interface is the reconstruction of our cities, starting with classical modernism at the beginning of the 20th century and the rationalisation of construction, from industrial mass housing to the boundless land speculation of our time. The exhibition also refers to the location of the gallery in the "Werkbund" estate "Weißenhof". Are the ideas of the "Werkbund" still valid today and how do they influence current design and urban planning? As part of a cooperation with the event "Raumwelten—Plattform für Szenografie, Architektur und Medien", the exhibition will be extended with a fifth work "Reconstructing Mariënbad" by Mats Dekock from 17 to 21 November 2021 in the Karlskaserne in Ludwigsburg.