Oct 28, 2020–Sep 26, 2021

Department of Public Space

Stadtlücken e.V.
Am Weissenhof 30, 70191 Stuttgart Map
Tue–Fri 2–6 pm, Sat+Sun 12 am–6 pm

What is public space? Which functional and special qualities are necessary for it to be open and useful for every citizen? Who are the designers and planners of public space? Which interfaces are necessary to facilitate participatory planning processes?

With the founding of a fictitious »Amt für öffentlichen Raum« (Department of Public Space), Stadtlücken e.V. provides a space for rethinking the design and function of urban space in Stuttgart and beyond. The exhibition does not offer any final answers. Instead the first outline of an »Department of Public Space« offers a platform for visitors to further pursue the idea and participate in the creative process.

The »Department of Public Space« (AföR) Stuttgart is an agency that acts cooperatively across the borders of public agencies in the city – as a lobby for and catalyzer of the city’s public space. It serves exclusively the common welfare and aims at a transparent, resourceful and sustainable practice in dealing with public space. The Department of Public Space works as a transdisciplinary and cross-scale agency aiming at the improvement of common space and the overall quality of life for every citizen. Its responsibilities include the coordination, negotiation and placement of all tasks in relation to the design, planning, maintenance and administration of public areas including pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, streets, squares, parks, playgrounds, fountains, public pools, waters and forests. Another function of the Department of Public Space is the close cooperation with Stuttgart’s civil society and its cultural and social services in order to initiate, foster and preserve non-commercial spaces for public encounters.