May 9–May 27, 2023


Lehrstuhl Prof. Florian Nagler
Blumenstrasse 22, 80331 Munich
Mon–Wed 9:30 am–7 pm, Thu+Fri 9:30 am–7:30 pm, Sat 9:30 am–6 pm

The Chair of Design and Construction, Prof. Florian Nagler, has realised a new DesignBuild project in Munich's urban space with his students. The so called "Zuhörraum" (Listening Room) is located on the square in front of the Architekturgalerie München at Blumenstraße 22 for three months.
The construction was initiated by the Munich-based association "momo hört zu e.V." with its goal of spreading and communicating conscious listening. To give this project greater visibility and an appropriate spatial translation, the association addressed the Chair of Design and Construction. "Listening" was to be given a mobile space tailored to the activity in order to be present in different places in the city. The space, which is both open and inviting as well as sheltered, aims to arouse interest and break down thresholds in order to make it possible for many people to experience listening.

The exhibition at the Architekturgalerie München shows four designs by eight students in models and plans, as well as the built "listening room" 1:1 on the square in front of the gallery.

"Listening" was explored with the students in social and spatial terms, thus developing the necessary parameters for the concrete design. "Listening" stands for a mutual understanding, accepting other opinions and being able to let them exist. In our society, this traditionally takes place in places like pubs, cafés and bars, as places where different classes and generations meet. The four designs of the "listening room" fulfil this equalising and connecting function.

The design by students Josef Egelseder and Philipp Konrad was selected by a jury and built with all participants. For the first three months of its use, it will stand on the square in front of the Architekturgalerie München and offer a daily listening ear through volunteers of the association.

Participants: Anne Ambrosy, Max Donauer, Josef Egelseder, Moritz Götze, Philipp Konrad, Laura Lehle, Selina Möbius, Milena Müller, Luisa Durst (construction only)

Project management: Ferdinand Albrecht, Matthias Kestel