Sep 25–Dec 5, 2023

Territory as Palimpseste

The legacy of André Corboz
SG 1211 (SG Building) Station 15, Lausanne 1015 Map
Mon–Fri 9:30 am–5:30 pm, Sat 2–6 pm

Since the 1970s, the Genevan thinker André Corboz has been questioning notions of landscape, city and heritage in the polycentric, urbanised territory of Switzerland, which is undergoing spectacular spatial change.

The exhibition immerses visitors in the intellectual laboratory and multiple works of André Corboz, offering an overview of his oeuvre. Through sketchbooks, photographs and graphic documents, it sheds light on Corboz’s working methods and reveals the topicality of his narrative strategies and his activities as a cultural critic, writer and teacher.

Curation : André Bideau & Sonja Hildebrand
with Anna Bernardi, Elena Cogato Lanza and Frida Grahn

Historian, cultural critic, poet, journalist and photographer, André Corboz (1928-2012) has influenced his time through a wide variety of disciplines and languages. From Palladio to the Territorial Grid of the United States, from planning during the French Enlightenment to postmodern Switzerland, his subjects go beyond the scope of the historian as it is usually described.

Corboz engaged in meticulous forms of self-observation and notation, keeping records of most of his research projects, as well as his many travels. The exhibition has two main themes: How to read the territory (A) and Knowledge production and historiography (B); addressing, on one hand, the lasting contribution to the discourses around landscape and urban development that Corboz theorised as an interrelated space; and, on the other hand, the evolution of this self-trained historian who travelled through multiple disciplinary fields, countries, and different cultures.