Feb 16–Mar 17, 2023

Nights in the White City

99 Dizengoff st., Tel Aviv 64396 Map
Sun–Thu 10 am–7:30 pm, Fri 10 am–2:30 pm, Sat 12 am–7:30 pm

This year – 2023 – Tel Aviv celebrates the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO declaration, and the Bauhaus Center opens the year with a group exhibition on “Nights in the White City”.

The exhibition will present A selection of works by local artists and illustrators, that reflect their view of Tel Aviv at night – from its unique architectural beauty, the wide range of colorful characters, to a personal experience of sleep and dreaming in contemporary Tel Aviv.
The theme of the exhibition “Nights of the White City” does indeed deal with Tel Aviv, but also with a discourse on the subject of sleep. At the opening of the exhibition, there will be a short and fascinating lecture in which Dr. Micha Gross, a veteran sleep expert, will explain what is known today on the subject: who sleeps, when they sleep, how sleep is renewed, and when are we talking about sleep disorders? In short, also ways of treating sleep disorders.

Participants: Participants: Adi Tiberg Hoffman, Ami Shinar, Anat Levy, Ariel Tayeb, Barak Illouz, Dana Barlev, Dina Even Sapir, Dmitry Vilkin, Elizaveta Guseva, Eynat Mendelson-Shwartz, Hadar Oren, Idan Lightman, Ido Biran, Izzy Liberti, Katarina Erlina, Ksenia Nazarov, Liana Navon, Lihu Zeyde, Maor Hatuka, Michal Karp, Naama Hadar, Nava Aizescu, Nia Shtai, Ofek Vertman, Olga Vashbein, Olga Yerushalmi, Orit Kerem, Polina Kanevski, Racheli Tsairi, Roei Cohen Korman, Rotem Sarid, Studio Yarnatak, Uliana Stavi, Yves Anane, Ziva Caspi.