Jan 24–Mar 31, 2023

Gefährdete Arten

Erhalt vs. Abriss in Baden-Württemberg
Friedrichstrasse 5, 70174 Stuttgart Map
Tue–Fri 10 am–1 pm + 3–6 pm

We have known the Red List of endangered animal and plant species for decades. The importance of biodiversity is undisputed, protecting it is a universally recognized goal. Parts of our built environment are also increasingly at risk. And here, too, diversity threatens to disappear. Be it inconspicuous post-war buildings at first glance, the hated brutalist buildings of the 1960s and 1970s/1980s or the first regional high-rise experiments.

There are good reasons for preservation and conversion. Embedded in the current major topic of the BDA, concern for the stock, the focus is on eight selected specimens of these endangered species in Baden-Württemberg. Whether acutely threatened with demolition or left vacant, the question is asked as to the reasons. Is it about returns? Can the substance no longer be saved? Do you simply not know what to do with it? Or are they a thorn in the side of the population?

The exhibition shows the architectural qualities, illuminates the history, gets to the bottom of public perception and opens up glimpses into the future. It is a contribution to the discussion of conversion, renovation and preservation of the existing building. The processing of the eight case studies is also about showing the bureaucratic, monument preservation, social and financial aspects that influence the political and economic decisions. Endangered Species offers a special look at the building culture of Baden-Württemberg.

The accompanying brochure presents the buildings with a profile and an in-depth text. Two preceding texts: Alexander Stumm writes about his initiative for a demolition moratorium. Anette Busse pleads for the preservation of buildings beyond monument protection.