Apr 21–Oct 3, 2021


Bryghuspladsen 10, 01473 Kopenhagen Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm, Thu 10 am–9 pm

You encounter architecture every single day. But did you realize that architecture creates the framework for how you live your life – and live life together with others? We often know the facade, but not the story behind it.
The Danes have an innate belief that they can always do things a little better, and that rubs off on Danish architecture. What’s at stake when we build the walls we all live within? What forces drive the development, what mistakes do we make along the way, and how do we rectify them?

This exhibition brings you “behind the facade” of some of the architecture that surrounds us in Denmark. It touches upon issues that occupy us, but that also divide us.

Discover the tools that Danish architects, designers and urban planners use to shape the world around us. Learn more about the process of creating architecture, and what thoughts go into the facades that we end up looking at.