Women in Architecture

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Discover fascinating and never-before-told stories of women in architecture.

Did you know that architects Ragna Grubb, Karen Hvistendahl and Ingeborg Schmidt were among the first to speak out in support of the idea that every member of the family should have their own room? Or that Ulla Tafdrup opened the dividing walls between kitchen and dining room, paving the way for the now familiar open-plan kitchen and dining area? Or that it was Hanne and not Poul Kjærholm who designed the couple’s iconic home in Rungsted?

Women architects have been relatively difficult to find in the annals of architecture history. They have not put their names on as many large and spectacular projects as their male colleagues, nor have they designed our city halls, banks and churches. Nonetheless, the architectural achievements and breakthroughs of women architects have greatly shaped society and the world we live in today.