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bOb Van Reeth will turn eighty on February 26. As an influential architect, teacher and first Flemish Government Architect, he left his mark on the architectural landscape in Flanders and Brussels. In a video installation, the Flemish Architecture Institute shows several high-profile television appearances by Van Reeth.

Bob Van Reeth
The media have always shown a lot of interest in bOb Van Reeth: from the young designer who was interested in 'the other side of Belgium' to the architect who built 'intelligent ruins'. In numerous interviews he embodies the search for quality construction. According to Van Reeth, “an architect should not always sit at the drawing table, but also explain why he does what he does.”

In his discourse, bOb Van Reeth is not averse to witticism: “I don't really know what architecture is. Architecture for me is the search for architecture.” , “Architecture is a matter of survival.” "It's a terrible misunderstanding that the architect should be free. The more restrictions you have, the easier it is to be creative." Each and every one of them is strong statements that reveal the essence of the profession of architect. He also had strong opinions on themes such as sustainability, ecological construction and densification and showed his social involvement. "The city is for living. And for the outside. That's for the cows. And for the birds."

The bOb80 installation bundles a number of high-profile film fragments starring bOb Van Reeth.