BWMSTR Label 023.

Desguinlei 25, Antwerpen B-2018 Map
Mon–Fri 10 am–7 pm, Sat 4–7 pm

In the exhibition StadsStalling the architects of Rooilijn and Atelier Scheldeman explore the posibilities of creating bicycle parking structures that can be used for other purposes in addition to parking.

There is more and more cycling in and around our cities. The number of bicycles is increasing exponentially as well as the quality of the bikes. What used to be basic rusty two-wheelers are now sophisticated bicycles in all shapes and sizes: delivery bikes and bicycle trailers, high-tech speed pedelecs, cargo bikes, shared steps, shared scooters, etc. The parking facilities have not evolved accordingly and they chaotically spread here and there with mostly ad-hoc solutions.

Collectieve urban bicycle parking structures
In the exhibition StadsStalling the architectural firm Rooilijn and Atelier Scheldeman explore the possibilities for modular bicycle parking structures that allow multifunctional use. The researchers want to create structures which are functional, but which also contribute to the visual quality of the public space while introducing green. In addition to bicycle parking these provide space for urban gardening, sports, picnicking, etc. The idea is to stimulate encounters between the different users.

StadsStalling is one of the research projects which in 2020 was awarded the Bouwmeesterlabel (BWMSTR Label) by the Flemish Government Architect and the Flanders Architecture Institute. The BWMSTR Label wants to pick up innovative ideas from research and design practice which are relevant to policy and thus stimulate unsolicited research in its early stages.