Inspire to expire
Desguinlei 25, Antwerpen B-2018 Map
Mon–Fri 10 am–7 pm, Sat 4–7 pm

Within the BWMSTR label, academics and experts explored how the sectoral plan was conceived, but above all, how we can now escape from it. The exhibition Inspire to Expire shows the result of this quest.

The zoning plan

Flemish spatial planning is inextricably linked to the zoning plans. These were drawn up in the 1970s and cover the whole of Belgium. Fifty years on, they still determine where construction is permitted and forbidden. At the time of their creation, the preparatory studies for these plans contained very progressive ideas, but during their detailed compilation, realpolitik increasingly dominated. Under pressure from landowners, the designated residential area on the plans grew exponentially. Indeed, this occurred to such an extent that today we can still construct a further million homes on as yet undeveloped plots. In the meantime, the plans have not been adapted to meet contemporary requirements. Despite the previous Flemish government having announced that it was calling a halt to concrete, in practise the zoning plans still allow unchecked urbanisation of the countryside. Which has a detrimental impact upon our future.