Invisible in Architecture
Desguinlei 25, Antwerpen B-2018 Map
Mon–Fri 10 am–7 pm, Sat 4–7 pm

Exploring care in architecture for its 2022-2023 season, Flanders Architecture Institute (VAi) is organising a workshops series and lecture with a pop-up exhibition Intersections: Invisible in Architecture. Central to this thought-provoking series co-curated by Hülya Ertas and Luce Beeckmans is the question: “Who has been marginalized by / silenced in the architectural production?”

In the series Intersections: Invisible in Architecture, we ambition to collectively discuss those groups of people, often at the intersection of class, race and gender, that are essential for the architectural production, but that are nonetheless marginalised or forgotten by it. Simulteanously, we will discuss what the consequences of these processes of precarization, marginalization and silencing are for the discipline and practice of architecture. Hence, in a decolonial spirit, we will touch upon those issues which today’s architectural production does not see or perhaps does not want to see.

The pop-up exhibition is about critically approaching the entangled relations between architecture and social, economic and political structures of power. In collaboration with illustrator Aya Akbib, the discussions during the workshops will be visually narrated, respecting anonymity and authorship. The visual narrations together with the image galleries collectively built up throughout the workshops will be exhibited in De Singel from 17 May till 02 July 2023.