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Mon–Fri 10 am–7 pm, Sat 4–7 pm

In Spring 2020, the Flanders Architecture Institute will be exhibiting the work of two young architectural firms with offices in both Belgium and Japan as part of the Back from Japan theme. SUGIBERRY, founded by Mayu Takasugi and Johannes Berry (2016), works out of both Brussels and Tokyo.

In the exhibition Meaning, SUGIBERRY seeks out the architectural relationship between Japan and Flanders, by exhibiting their own work alongside that of others. They demonstrate how an idea that adapts itself to a changed context, more specifically in the cultural exchange between Flanders and Japan, leads to new connections and fresh layers of meaning.

SUGIBERRY focuses on humanity and the dialogue with the built environment. Their projects embrace a wide variety of conditions and often serve as the catalyst for new relationships and meanings. SUGIBERRY’s architecture is an expression of this search: everything is related to humanity.