Sep 2–Sep 27, 2022


Anthony Guerrée
8/10, square du Docteur Blanche, 75016 Paris Map

While Le Corbusier was at the origin of a furniture programme that gave birth to icons of contemporary design, this is the first time that La Fondation has hosted an exhibition by a young designer.
Antony Guerrée's proposal convinced us by the inspirations he shares with Le Corbusier: Greece as a personal pantheon, the attachment to nature, and the "patient search" for materials.

Through the exhibition Fragments, Anthony Guerrée offers us a journey close to Le Corbusier by questioning the origins of art through the reference to the three Greek orders. The architect wrote in December 1910, in front of the Parthenon: "It's so beautiful and clear. These plates, these lines, are like sunlight under people's fingers. With this new exhibition, the young designer has chosen to experiment with marble, a material from the origins of art, which, through its durability, is also part of the present and the future.

Le Corbusier and Anthony Guerrée also share the same desire to produce works that are sustainable and respectful of the environment. Le Corbusier favoured local materials on his various building sites. Anthony gives a second life to blocks of marble, as Le Corbusier did in 1953 when he used the stones of the old chapel to build Notre-Dame du haut in Ronchamp.