Dec 9, 2022–Jan 14, 2023

Roger Boltshauser

11 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris Map
Tue–Sat 11 am-7 pm

For Roger Boltshauser, the confrontation with earth as a material, knowing that one is in relatively uncharted territory, that everything has to be rethought and developed, is a fundamental experience that still spurs him on today, makes him courageous but also critical of all conventions, and drives him again and again to find new solutions. He also tries to convey this fundamental experience in his teaching, which is why he always falls back on earth, a material that is still little explored. The point is to develop the courage to think of new approaches to solutions in a world dictated by industry.

In the «Galerie d’Architecture», the focus is on earth as a material. Photographs of selected buildings, which were created in close collaboration with the photographer Luca Ferrario, are shown. Likewise, exquisite sketches and models underscore the interface between architecture and art, which
is strongly anchored in Roger Boltshauser’s work. The sketches provide insight into a personal process of oscillating searching, of abstraction and renewed precision, of eternal circling.

Roger Boltshauser is concerned at all levels with the search for an authentic answer that integrates as many aspects as possible. In constant parallel processes, art, design and construction combine to form his work.