LIGA 36: Isidoro Michan-Guindi

Hybrid creatures
Calle Doctor Erazo 172, Colonia Doctores Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City CP 06700 Map
Mon–Fri 10 am–6 pm

Michan-Guindi is relatively unknown within the Mexican architectural scene, however, his studio is a thriving laboratory in which cardboard models, colored concrete try-outs, electro-robotic components and aluminum casts are transformed into intelligent architectural proposals, ranging from everyday objects like door handles to complete housing towers.

Through a constant exploration with prototypes and models, Michan-Guindi has developed an exciting body of work that questions basic architectural notions such as composition, gravity, comfort and functionality. His proposals have strong animistic qualities and a certain formal awkwardness, that make the spectator looks twice. He invokes a tangible world of Hejduk-like animals, devilish horns, otherworldy characters, shapes with souls and self-propelling stools, provoking a successful clash between the absurd and the plausible.

On this occasion, some of his main works will be presented through models. These pieces seek to bring us closer to his projects but also to his design process.  Additionally, these vast models will be complemented by a series of images collapsed of content,  to discover more in-depth his work.