Capture Your City

Grad Fužine, Pot na Fužine 2, 01000 Ljubljana Map
Mon–Sun 8 am–6 pm

Residents of Ljubljana have a unique opportunity this year to participate in the Capture Your City photography competition, organized by the Danish Architectural Center from Copenhagen (DAC). The partners of the competition are municipalities and cultural institutions from Ljubljana, Turin, Riga, Milan and Amsterdam, and all of them, united under the auspices of the European project Desire – an Irresistible Circular Society, want to bring the competition closer to their citizens.

This is the first time that Capture Your City invites residents from all over Europe to participate. All you need to participate is a smartphone or camera. The photos can be from any small village or big city in Europe. Your task is to present your place in the photo through your point of view, as you see it.

Participation in the competition is free. Every year, a new theme is announced, which the participants must capture in their photo. The theme of 2024 will be revealed in March on the websites and, and the jury will then choose the best among the submitted photos. The photos will be on display in the summer of 2024 both as part of a digital and physical exhibition in several cities across Europe.

The goal of the photography competition is to involve the inhabitants of European cities even more intensively in the development of their city and to draw attention to the topics that both citizens and visitors consider to be the most important for life in the future.

What is it that characterizes your city?

Each city has its own unique characteristics, but they all share a common challenge: how to reduce CO2 emissions and how to become greener and more sustainable. This awareness will influence the image of our cities in the future. European cities are part of Europe's cultural heritage from the Brutalist complexes of Riga to the arcaded corridors and baroque castles of Turin, the river canals and guild facades of red and black brick in Amsterdam, to the prestigious Neo-Renaissance shopping gallery in the center of Milan or the harbor docks and cycle paths in Copenhagen... But what would people who live in these cities point out? What do you think makes your city so wonderful to live in? Or maybe why your city is not so wonderful to live in? Capture "the one" in your photographic lens and participate with your photo in the international Capture Your City competition.

The competition is organized by DAC, the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen, an international cultural institution that encourages discussions about architecture and design and creates interesting experiences. The Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana is one of the five European partners of the competition, which also includes the City Municipality of Riga from Latvia, the architectural center Arcam from Amsterdam (Netherlands), the intercultural center Fabbrica del Vapore from Milan and CAMERA - the Italian Center for Photography from Turin ( Italy).