Oct 24, 2015–Jan 3, 2016

Circular Pavilion

Building with recycled Materials
An exhibition by
Place de L'hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris Map
Mon–Sun 10 am–7 pm

As from the 24th of October and for three months, as part of the COP21, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal will display on the Town Hall esplanade the “Circular Pavilion”, experimental architecture built in Paris with reused materials (wooden doors recovered from an apartment building, used wooden exhibition panels, second hand insulating board, discarded furniture, obsolete street lights,...).

A full-scale demonstrator and a permanent mediation
The Circular Pavilion’s ambition is to show and explain the potential of recycling construction materials. Guides will be available at no cost to show and explain to the public the ins and outs of the Pavilion’s construction.

Conference Recycling and Architecture in partnership with Télérama
The Pavillon de l’Arsenal has invited architects and building industry professionals to speak about the benefits and the potential of recycling materials in architecture.

Event Towards sustainable metropolis in partnership with New Cities Foundation
The Circular Pavilion will host various round tables, organised by the New Cities Foundationon social, urban and technological innovations that allow cities today to reduce their carbon print tomorrow.

Conference Building with wood in partnership with people from the lumber industry
Conference and meetings to present and explain to as many people as possible, the potential behind building with wood, its undeniable eco-friendly qualities as well as its own specific features as far as reuse and recycling are concerned.

3D modelling for all: to conceive sustainably in partnership with Autodesk
Autodesk, the 3D modelling software company for engineers, designers, architects, artists and makers, will offer presentations and demonstrations of a simplified 3D modelling software, accessible to all, which includes an eco-friendly approach. For three days, they will take possession of the Circular Pavilion’s space, set up their computers and invite the “General public” to model the habitat’s elements, which will then be printable in 3D. The better we visualise and conceive the world around us, the less we’ll waste.

Puppets show Workshop on how to live together and the eco-friendly habitat
Proactive workshop around a giant scale model of a building (2.4meters high) that invites children to ponder about living side by side, and eco-friendly habitats in which consumerism and waste of raw materials and non-renewable energies are reduced.