Nov 9, 2023–Mar 17, 2024

Light Energy

uses, architectures, landscapes
21, bld Morland, 75004 Paris Map
Tue–Sat 10:30 am–6:30 pm, Sun 11 am–7 pm

See energy differently, draw the invisible, measure the imponderable. Share, transmit, equip, give yourself the means to repair this world. Making it lighter and freed from fossil fuels: more than a project, a challenge, almost as crazy as Don Quixote facing windmills.

Living energies, hydraulic, wind, solar, geothermal, fossil, nuclear... So many types whose conversion requires the construction of specific architectures, representing a share of the 30,000 billion tons of materials built by humanity. Extracting, producing, converting, transporting, distributing, storing energy is inherently “heavy”. The analysis of these infrastructures reveals the turbulent relationship between architecture and energy and questions the territorial, aesthetic and cultural imprint of the techniques.

From windmills to wind turbines, from the first uses of fire to solar chimneys, the exhibition presents trajectories of energy architecture, element by element, lists their current implementation and imagines their future. Starting from the common imagination – landscape of roofs, banks of the Seine, plains and forests, interiors – the exhibition offers (slightly) modified landscapes of our daily lives; six ordinary places and points of view where post-carbon tomorrows are taking shape.

With these unique representations, with models and prototypes, Light Energies presents an exploration of tomorrows, imbued with sobriety, freed from fossil fuels and freed from non-renewable materials.