Feb 25–May 20, 2022

Timber construction 1922

The forest settlement of Adolf Sommerfeld in Kieferngrund
Flatowallee 16, 14055 Berlin Map
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The Im Kieferngrund settlement, built by Adolf Sommerfeld in 1922, marks the beginning of settlement activity in the Onkel Toms Hütte area and brought architects such as Bruno Taut to Zehlendorf with its construction.
The log houses, which are quickly reminiscent of Swedish houses due to the wooden construction and colorful design, create the image of an ideal world, which marks the contrast to the political and economic situation of the German Reich after the lost First World War.

After the settlement was listed as a monument last year, we highlight the peculiarities of the settlement. Building projects, construction and urban planning contexts are explained using photographs, building plans and a model. The double-wall construction with different material thicknesses, which creates insulation with a high level of soundproofing and thermal insulation, is emphasized.