A lot with litte

Architecture in Responsability
Höschgasse 3, Zurich CH–8008
Wed–Sun 2–6 pm

In a world grappling with unpredictable events and escalating natural disasters, architects shoulder an unprecedented responsibility. The building industry contributes nearly 40% of global carbon emissions, so disregarding the repercussions of climate change is untenable. Faced with limited time, funds and resources, architects urgently seek sustainable ways to create architecture that prioritizes societal needs, utilizes available resources, and harmonizes with local culture, economy, and the environment—an ethical and responsible approach, imperative for safeguarding our future.

A LOT WITH LITTLE showcases a range of international architects’ projects in housing, education, transformation, and disaster relief through a multichannel fi lm installation. Visitors gain insights from architect interviews, experiencing sustainable, affordable architecture shaped by lateral thinking and participatory methods, where sustainability is not just a goal but a natural outcome of design philosophy.

The film installation A LOT WITH LITTLE is a project by Argentinian curator Noemí Blager, Finnish fi lmmaker Tapio Snellman, and English composer Daniel Nolan with generous support of design brand Arper.