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  • Flanders Architecture Institute Antwerpen
    Oct 29, 2020–Jan 10, 2021
    In the autumn of 2020, the Flemish Architecture Institute will show the work of two young architectural firms working from Belgium and Japan within the theme Back from Japan. Schenk Hattori works from Antwerp and Tokyo. The agency was founded by Steven Schenk and Daisuke Hattori shortly after their studies at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, Switzerland. SUGIBERRY, founded by Mayu...
  • Architektur Galerie Berlin
    Oct 30–Dec 12, 2020
    Opening: Oct 29, 7:00 pm
    This past year may well have been the peak of the hypercapitalist phase of the last few years. Many people were suffering from constant time and performance pressure, digital information overload, and alienation from nature. But the Covid-19 pandemic abruptly changed the scenario, shifting priorities and values. In this context, the question of how to take charge of your life has become central...
  • Aedes Architekturforum Berlin
    Oct 31, 2020–Jan 7, 2021
    The installation Purgatory represents both a physical and spiritual transit space, as it emerges at any time all over the world in diverse configurations – as a border space, a refugee camp, a mobile space, a thought space – for millions of people, who are simultaneously in a state of movement as well as in a state of waiting, departure, escape, hope, despair, happiness; between the place they...
  • Aedes Architekturforum Berlin
    Oct 31, 2020–Jan 7, 2021
    Of the 7.8 billion people on the planet, more than 70 million are now refugees and asylum seekers. With few countries willing to receive these displaced people, many refugees are restrained in tents, or makeshift cities. These temporary solutions often become permanent, which come with significant challenges. City of Refugees – a three-year research by the University of Houston College of...
  • The Building Centre London
    Nov 5, 2020
    Conversations about Climate Change provides a platform for urgent debates about the climate emergency. We invite audiences to engage with design objects that spark these conversations through their form and material - timber. The exhibition will showcase 'conversation pieces'; an array of furniture, sculpture, models and functional design objects made from tropical hardwood selected by our...
  • Techne Sphere Leipzig - Halle 9 Leipzig
    Nov 6–Dec 13, 2020
    Opening: Nov 5, 6:00 pm
    Die Leipziger Ausstellung unterscheidet sich in der Konzeption und im Untertitel von der Ausstellung in Berlin. Sie integriert auch die ältere Ausstellung Ludwig Leo Ausschnitt, die ebenfalls im Auftrag der Wüstenrot Stiftung von BARarchitekten und Gregor Harbusch kuratiert wurde und in den Jahren 2013–15 in Berlin, Stuttgart und London zu sehen war.
  • Flanders Architecture Institute Antwerpen
    Nov 13, 2020–Jan 10, 2021
    For the second edition of Unfolding the Archives, the Flanders Architecture Institute draws on the oeuvre of Juliaan Lampens (1926-2019). Based on a selection of unique archive pieces, the exhibition offers an unprecedented insight into this architect’s working method. The Lampens archive The non-profit organisation vzw Juliaan Lampens, which manages Juliaan Lampens’ archive, is currently hard...


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