Jan 18, 2021






1. Berlin (14)
2. New York City (6)
3. Paris (6)
4. Chicago (4)
5. Vienna (3)


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Civa Bruxelles
Superstudio Migrazioni
Jan 15–May 16, 2021
Irish Architectural Archive Dublin
Startha Éagsúla
Alternative Histories
Jan 4–Feb 26, 2021
Architekturforum Bern - Kornhausforum
Hans Wilhelm Auer
Dec 15, 2020–Jan 16, 2021
The Building Centre London
Conversations about Climate Change
Nov 5, 2020–Apr 23, 2021
Vi Per Gallery Praha
Ala Younis
Vysoká přehrada: moderní pyramida
Dec 16, 2020–Feb 6, 2021
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York City
The Future
Feb 20, 2020–Feb 14, 2021
ABC – Architectuurcentrum Haarlem
Panorama Local
Haarlem Schalkwijk
Dec 1, 2020–Mar 1, 2021
MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst Wien
Adolf Loos
Nov 18, 2020–Mar 14, 2021
Villa Savoye Poissy
Living in the villa – Françoise Pétrovitch
Sep 18, 2020–Mar 28, 2021
CCA Montréal (Québec)
The Things Around Us
51N4E and Rural Urban Framework
Sep 16, 2020–Feb 14, 2021

Closing soon

until Jan 18, 2021
Museum of Modern Art New York City
Architecture and Blackness in America
until Jan 20, 2021
Urania Berlin
Alliierte in Berlin − das Architekturerbe
Fotografien von Mila Hacke
until Jan 21, 2021
ABC – Architectuurcentrum Haarlem
The Church of Tomorrow
until Jan 25, 2021
Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine – Palais de Chaillot Paris
Le Laboratoire du logement
Transformer à grande échelle, nouveau défi de la durabilité. Bordeaux, Amsterdam.
until Jan 30, 2021
Betts Project London
Zoe Zenghelis
Do you remember how perfect everything was?
until Jan 31, 2021
The National Museum - Architecture Oslo
Erling Viksjø
Arkitekten og kunstnerne


from Jan 22, 2021
Baukunstarchiv NRW Dortmund
Harald Deilmann
Lebendige Architektur
from Jan 23, 2021
Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM Frankfurt/Main
Greening the City
Greening the City
from Jan 26, 2021
MAXXI National Museum Rom
L’architetto e le città
Aldo Rossi
from Jan 27, 2021
Haus der Architektur Graz
direct urbanism x4
from Feb 5, 2021
Aedes Architekturforum Berlin
Concrete Kinetics
from Feb 6, 2021
BDA Galerie Berlin
Detlef Bremkens Dez. 3 KIT Kommunikation, Innovation, Transfer


LIGA, Space for Architecture, Mexico City is an independent pioneering platform for architectural exhibitions, conferences, and workshops based in Mexico City. Founded in January 2011, its aim is to promote the exchange of ideas and research around contemporary architectural practices.
There is a set program for its exhibitions, which take place every three months. Parallel to this, LIGA Interludes is a program where different agents from a multiplicity of disciplines are invited to deliver lectures, workshops and screenings that complement the exhibition program and address the role of...