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  • ETH Departement Architektur Zürich
    Nov 1–Nov 18, 2018
    Opening: Oct 31, 6:00 pm
    I’ve designed more than 300 houses, and none of them was presented to me in a ‘do it any way you like’ commission. And no single project was the same. The clients each responded in different ways. Frankly, some of them were more interesting than others. But I made sure I looked after all of them and considered every detail of their houses. For example, in each of the hundreds of bathrooms I have...
  • Architektur Galerie Berlin
    Nov 2–Dec 15, 2018
    Opening: Nov 1, 7:00 pm
  • La Galerie d'Architecture Paris
    Nov 2–Dec 1, 2018
    Where is the center of the Earth? a mental barrier or an opening for possibilities what is periphery/suburbia RRA has been working in remote places (…) – most radical projects, where people were more open-minded, no prejudice to architecture and daring projects. Bold and daring, yet unpretentious and simple: that sums up the buildings designed by the independent, Oslo-based architectural...
  • CCA Montréal (Québec)
    Nov 6, 2018–Apr 6, 2019
    Architecture Itself and Other Postmodern Myths brings together an array of building fragments, drawings, models, and primary source documents, to present canonic projects from an unexpected and unfamiliar point of view. The exhibition challenges the typical narrative of the heroic architect by revealing a counter- reading of postmodern procedures. The purpose is simultaneously to deflate the...
  • deSingel - International arts campus Antwerpen
    Nov 7, 2018–Jan 13, 2019
    Following their ‘plea for non-building’, RE-ST is conducting research into the (under) utilisation of space. According to the architects, the profusion of buildings in Flanders prevents us from realising just how much space we already have at our disposal. Zwerfruimte (leftover space) manifests itself on different scales. To explain this diversity, RE-ST investigates four areas: culture/education...


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