Nov 4, 2023–Mar 10, 2024

Slow How

Spatial slowdown
Prins Hendrikkade 600, Amsterdam 1011 VX
Tue–Sat 1–5 pm

The exhibition Slow How – Spatial slowdown is an appeal to take the time for the realisation of quality in a time where (lack of) time and money are the most dominant factors when it comes to planning. Based on four areas, Ruigoord, Kop van Java, Marineterrein and Holendrecht, we analyse how slowing down spatial development (potentially) plays a role in maintaining or enhancing existing qualities.

Slow How delves into the past, present, and future of the four areas. Through photos, videos, historical documents, urban development plans, unique maps, and timelines, you’ll explore the distinctive values that characterise each area. The exhibition also showcases the gradual area development over time: Ruigoord celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023, Kop van Java has been intentionally vacant for 25 years, Marineterrein has been undergoing alternative development for 10 years, and urban renewal in Holendrecht has been on the political agenda since 2020.

The areas are complemented by a cabinet featuring research and publications from entities such as project developer Synchroon, LEVS architects, Studio Jaywalk, and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.