Jun 9, 2023






1. Berlin (10)
2. Chicago (6)
3. Moskau (5)
4. New York City (5)
5. London (4)


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Aalto2 Museum Centre Jyväskylä
In search of Central Finland
May 26, 2023–May 26, 2024
Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam
Designing the Social
Jul 4, 2021–Jul 7, 2024
aut. architektur und tirol Innsbruck
Francesca Torzo
Day by Day
Mar 3–Jun 24, 2023
ArkDes Stockholm
Tham & Videgård
On: Architecture
Nov 11, 2022–Aug 27, 2023
Berlinische Galerie Berlin
Suddenly Wonderful
Zukunftsideen für Westberliner Großbauten der 1970er Jahre
May 26–Sep 18, 2023
CCA Montréal (Québec)
The Lives of Documents
Photography as Project
May 3, 2023–Mar 3, 2024
Baukunstarchiv NRW Dortmund
SPHINX – 10 Regeln zur Baukunst
Ein Projekt von O&O Baukunst
May 12–Jun 25, 2023
Aalto2 Museum Centre Jyväskylä
Human Traces
World Heritage
May 27, 2023–Jan 21, 2024
Architektur Haus Kärnten Klagenfurt
Women are building!
Focus in the Architecture House Carinthia
Apr 27–Jun 23, 2023
Japan House Los Angeles
Living Island
Apr 15–Jul 5, 2023


from Jun 10, 2023
Serpentine Gallery London
Serpentine Pavilion 2023
designed by Lina Ghotmeh
from Jun 15, 2023
O&O Depot Galerie Berlin
One work – One World
from Jun 16, 2023
Haus der Architektur Graz
Progress through housing
In search of trend-setting forms of living and construction methods
from Jun 16, 2023
Ephraim-Palais Berlin
Berlin Contrasts (2004–2015)
Photographs by Frank Silberbach and Nikolas von Safft
from Jun 17, 2023
Storefront for Art and Architecture New York City
On the Ground
from Jun 18, 2023
Hansabibliothek Berlin
Hansa, do you remember?
The architecture of the Hansabibliothek between Action and Memory - towards the Library of Tomorrow.

Closing soon

until Jun 10, 2023
Graham Foundation Chicago
A different kind of tender and the practice of overhealing
Katherine Simóne Reynolds
until Jun 11, 2023
Architekturmuseum der TU München
Marina Tabassum Architects
In Bangladesh
until Jun 11, 2023
Die Raumgalerie Stuttgart
Architectural Portraits
The Mies Project
until Jun 11, 2023
Civa Bruxelles
Architects at Play
Pavilion Sicli Genève
until Jun 16, 2023
Haus der Architekten Düsseldorf
Walter Köckeritz
Ideen – Bauten – Zeichnungen
until Jun 23, 2023
afo architekturforum oberösterreich Linz
Schee Schiach
Episode 1/3


In the late 1920s, three progressive and influential patrons of the arts, Miss Lillie P. Bliss, Mrs. Cornelius J. Sullivan, and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., perceived a need to challenge the conservative policies of traditional museums and to establish an institution devoted exclusively to modern art. They along with additional original trustees A. Conger Goodyear, Paul Sachs, Frank Crowninshield and Josephine Boardman Crane created The Museum of Modern Art in 1929. Its founding Director, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., intended the Museum to be dedicated to helping people understand and enjoy the...