Jun 23, 2024






1. Berlin (19)
2. London (9)
3. Paris (7)
4. Chicago (5)
5. Vienna (5)


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Haus der Architektur Graz
Bold City, brave decisions
How the city of Groningen transformed itself into an exemplary city
Jun 13–Sep 15, 2024
Architekturgalerie München
Creating NEBourhoods Together
New European Bauhaus
Oct 1, 2023–Oct 31, 2024
Tchoban Foundation – Museum for Architectural Drawing Berlin
Lina Bo Bardi
Poetry of concrete
Jun 1–Sep 22, 2024
Canadian Center for Architecture
May 7, 2024–Jun 5, 2025
Architekturforum Zürich
Borrowed scenery
May 16–Jul 13, 2024
Roca London Gallery London
Regenerative, Resilient Futures
Jun 1–Jun 30, 2024
Museo ICO Madrid
Iwan Baan
Moments in Architecture
Jun 6–Sep 8, 2024
Ivorypress Madrid
New York
by David Jiménez
Feb 29–Jun 29, 2024
BDA Galerie Berlin
Trutz von Stuckrad Penner
Sguardi Periferici: Peripheral glances
Apr 16–Jun 23, 2024
Danish Architecture Centre DAC Kopenhagen
Architecture and Senses
Mar 22–Sep 15, 2024


from Jun 26, 2024
Museum für Geschichte Universalmuseums Joanneum Graz
Karl Ilbing
An architect in Graz and Haifa
from Jun 27, 2024
Architecture Center Houston (ArCH)
Big, Hot, Sticky
from Jun 28, 2024
Vlaams Architectuurinstituut Antwerpen
Tafelzetting #10
hé architectuur
from Jun 29, 2024
Citygroup New York City
Hard Labor / Soft Space
The Making of Radical Farms
from Jul 2, 2024
Zentrum Baukultur Rheinland-Pfalz Mainz
Holzbaupreis RLP 2024
from Jul 5, 2024
Architektur Galerie Berlin

Closing soon

until Jun 23, 2024
Baukunstarchiv NRW Dortmund
Heinrich Tessenow
until Jun 23, 2024
BDA Galerie Berlin
Trutz von Stuckrad Penner
Sguardi Periferici: Peripheral glances
until Jun 23, 2024
Architektur Galerie Berlin
Grieger Harzer Dvorak
Pleasure Garden
until Jun 26, 2024
Foyer der Barbican Library London
Opposite Places, Common Traces
until Jun 28, 2024
Baukultur Nordrhein-Westfalen
380-780 nm
Color in Architecture and City
until Jun 28, 2024
FCBStudios London
Architecture For A Changing World
Rethinking The Future


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